Monthly Archives: August 2022

9 Ways to Fight Inflation and Secure Your Retirement

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we are experiencing record inflation: 9.1% as of June 2022. We haven’t seen inflation this high since the early 1980s. The higher inflation goes, the less each dollar you have and earn is worth. If that sounds scary or confusing, check out what our guest blogger, Nichole Coyle… (read more)

Ways to Avoid a Cash Downturn with a Money Market Account

With this crazy economy, it’s more important than ever to stash some emergency cash. Thankfully, there are lots of great options for those looking to save. One fantastic choice is a money market account. What’s a Money Market Account?  Think of a money market account as a combination of a savings and checking account. Remember,… (read more)

5 Ways to Live Your Best #Van Life

After two years in a global pandemic, many people have made a shift to make life on the road a permanent way of life. In fact, the 2019 census saw a 38% increase for people living full-time in their van, RV, or boat, and why not when they can travel, work, and play from their very own… (read more)