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Take our “Dare 2 Compare” challenge to see how much money FFCCU could potentially save you.  Just take 5 minutes to fill out our Account Review Form, and we’ll get in touch with you to schedule a face-to-face meeting.

You’ll meet with an FFCCU Teammate for about 30 minutes to see what we can do to help you save money! Schedule online, call 216.621.4644, or text 216.621.4644 to make an appointment. We’ve met with dozens of Northeast Ohioans and have been able to save some of them thousands in interest and finance charges! 

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How Can An Account Review Help Me?

People often have old debt with high-interest rates that may have seemed like a good deal in the past, but things can change. After improving a credit score, getting a raise, or just budgeting differently, you may find those rates are higher than you deserve. This may be costing you more money each month than you realize. Since FFCCU is a not-for-profit, we’re often able to offer lower rates than banks and other financial institutions!

Dare2Compare Success Stories

Set up an account review and we’ll sit down with you to look over your finances, and see what we may do to improve your financial health. Whether you have a car loan, a mortgage, accounts with multiple institutions, student loans, whatever! We can help! We’ve done it before, many times. Don’t believe it? Read a few of our Dare2Compare Success Stories from real people who boosted their savings.

Kevin was interested in a signature loan to smash some debt. Tonja did a Dare2Compare and found it wouldn’t help much. Instead, she recommended a home equity loan, saving Kevin $26,000 in interest over 15 years and nearly $1,500/month in minimum payments!

When John was looking to lower his monthly bills a Dare2Compare found that he still had 10 years left on his mortgage, at a 9.0% interest rate – ultimately costing him $42,000! After refinancing, John was able to save a total of $25,000 in interest on the life of his loan!

During an routine stop at her local branch, Kathy was referred to one of our Financial Services Reps for a FREE account review. With the help of our expert teammates and our EasyPay discount, Kathy cut her auto loan payment down by $155.00 a month!

Trisha helped Lori refinance her mortgage, saving her $60,000 in interest charges for the life of her loan. Lori also refinanced her auto loan and opened a Great Rate Visa card with a low 1.99%.APR that she can use to transfer any remaining high-interest debts.

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