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Share Certificates

Our 10 month certificate is a grand slam

Put your savings to work for you with our market-leading certificate rates, designed to help you achieve your investment objectives.

Maximize your money with minimum risk: With market-leading certificate rates that offer a higher rate of return compared to regular savings accounts, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of a credit union certificate at FFCCU.

Share Certificates are versatile tools that can help you save for future expenses with a target date, such as a wedding, college tuition payment, new car purchase or family vacation. With our high rates, you can also put long-term savings into a secure, reliable place to achieve a maximum return with minimal risk.

Our certificate accounts up to $250,000 (per account) are backed by American Share Insurance and offer a predictable rate of return, regardless of market fluctuations. Our Share Certificates allow you to lock in a great rate depending on your timeframe, from 3 to 60 months.

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Certificate Savings Accounts Help You Do MORE With Your Money


You can open a Share Certificate that works for you. FFCCU offers certificates with low initial deposits in a variety of term lengths. Choose monthly terms that work for you: from as little as 3-months to as long as 60 months. It’s a great way to plan for a future purchase and meet your savings goals.


While traditional stock investments can experience market fluctuations, a certificate earns a guaranteed return. You just choose the time period that works for your savings goals, and you’ll know exactly how much you’ll have at the end of your investment period. Have a wedding coming up in 12 months? Take out a 9 or 12-month certificate. Want to plan for a dream vacation in two years? A 24-month certificate will maximize your money, ensuring a secure and predictable return.


Share Certificates are easy to open and even easier to manage. There’s no application and no waiting for approval. You can view your certificate value and maturity date easily through FFCCU’s convenient online banking portal.


A Share Certificate from FFCCU puts your money to work for you. As a credit union, we offer some of the most competitive rates available – no matter what the interest rate environment looks like.

Are Certificates the Right Savings Vehicle for You?

Share Certificates can be both a short-term or long-term savings solution. They are ideal for individuals with extra money that they don’t need immediate access to, or for those who are saving for a specific purchase with a known date, such as a wedding, vacation, car or home purchase, or college tuition payment.

With certificates, you deposit a set amount and lock it in for a predetermined period of time, ranging from 3 to 60 months. This means that you can’t contribute more funds to the account or access the money until the certificate reaches maturity, unless you pay a penalty.

Consider a high-yield savings account that offers a predictable return with a guaranteed rate of return, making it an excellent option for those who are looking to save for the long-term.

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Some of The Most Competitive Certificate Rates in Ohio

At FFCCU, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the most competitive and attractive rates on savings products, including certificates. Our rates are tailored to meet your specific investment timeframe and can be renewed once they reach maturity. Take advantage of our market-leading rates and start maximizing your savings today with FFCCU.

As of May 1st, 2023.
TermsMinimum Balance APY*
3 Month $5001.00%
6 Month $5003.25%
12 Month $5003.75%
10 month$5004.75%
18 Month $5003.50%
24 Month$5003.50%
36 Month $5003.50%
48 Month$5003.50%
60 Month$5003.50%

Which Type of Share Certificate Is Right for Your Needs?

FFCCU offers standard Share Certificates as well as Traditional and Roth IRA certificates. IRAs can offer tax benefits for those saving for retirement. Benefits vary depending on your tax bracket, age and length of certificate term. Give us a call, and we will talk you through all of your options.

It’s EASY To Open a Share Certificate At FFCCU

Opening a Share Certificate with FFCCU is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is give us a call and schedule an appointment to open your account. Our dedicated team of experts will be more than happy to guide you through the process and explain all the options available to you.

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Why Choose FFCCU For Your Savings Needs?

As a community credit union – our focus is always on YOU! We provide personalized service and offer great rates to help you get the most out of your money. We’ll sit down with you and talk through all the savings options available at FFCCU, including certificates, to determine what matches your investment goals and provide easy access to your savings through our online banking. Give us a call to set up an appointment to open your account and start saving smarter today!

Investments Backed by ASI

All member accounts are insured up to $250,000.00 by American Share Insurance. This institution is not federally insured by member choice. MEMBERS’ ACCOUNTS ARE NOT INSURED OR GUARANTEED BY ANY GOVERNMENT OR GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED AGENCY.

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What are Share Certificates?
Share Certificates are timed investments that offer a higher yield than traditional savings accounts. You invest a set amount for a pre-determined time period (from 3 to 60 months). During that period, you will not have access to your funds unless you pay a withdrawal penalty.

What is the minimum deposit required to open a certificate with your credit union?
FFCCU requires a $500 minimum balance to open or maintain a Share Certificate.

Can I open a certificate account online or do I have to visit a branch in person?
Because of the risk of fraud, certificates that are being opened with outside funds (money not already on deposit at FFCCU), have to be opened at a local branch for all amounts over $500. If you are moving money from another deposit account at FFCCU to open a certificate, this can be done online.

Are there any fees associated with opening or maintaining a certificate with your credit union?
There are no fees with a FFCCU certificate account. However, if you choose to make a withdrawal before the certificate’s maturity date, a penalty will be imposed.

Can I withdraw the funds in my certificate before the term is up? If so, are there any penalties?
While you can withdraw funds early, you will pay a penalty – which is often at least a portion of the dividends you’ve earned.

Are the interest rates for your certificates fixed or variable? How often do they change?
FFCCU certificate rates are fixed! This is a great benefit to certificates over other short-term savings vehicles, as you will know ahead of time how much you will earn, regardless of market prices and competitive returns.

Are the funds in certificates insured?
Yes. All certificate funds are ASI insured up to $250,000 per account.

Can I view and manage my Share Certificate account online or do I have to visit a branch in person?
You’ll have easy access to view your Share Certificate account through our convenient online banking portal or safe and secure mobile app. Be sure to ask a FFCCU team member how to set up your online account.

Can I open a Certificate for a minor or in a trust account?
Yes! Share Certificates are a great way to teach teens and young people about the benefits of investing. They can see first-hand how, with time and patience, their investment can grow. At FFCCU, minors are allowed to have certificates issued in their name.

Does your credit union offer any additional resources or tools for managing a Certificate of Deposit, such as financial advisors or budgeting tools?
To help on a full-service scale, FFCCU partners with Cetera financial advisors who can help with financial planning in a number of areas including tax deferred annuities, asset preservation and Medicaid planning, retirement strategizing and so much more. To learn more and speak with one of our financial partners, visit this page:

Can I open a Certificate with your credit union if I am not a member?

Yes, you’ll just need $5 to open a regular savings account – which makes you a member (with a $5 share). Then you can open any products, such as a certificate, that you are eligible for.

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Certificate rates remain fixed for the term of the certificate. Penalty imposed for withdrawals before maturity. Call 216-621-4644 for current rates as they are subject to change at any time and without notice. $500 minimum balance required. The 10-month certificate will upon maturity, renew to a 12-month term. Available for a limited time only. Only available for new money being put on deposit only. Click here to view full rate disclosures and policies.

Your savings insured up to $250,000 per account. Not Federally insured.

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