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Advantages of Buying a Used Car: What’s the Deal?

A lesson in the advantages of buying a used car. You’re sitting on the couch watching Netflix when your phone chimes. Your friend sent you a text. “Hey! I just bought a slick new car. It has a killer technology package and a wicked sound system. Dude! You have to see it. Hit me back… (read more)

What You ‘Auto’ Know about Buying a Used Car: You Should Ask These 11 Questions

You may be ready to get a new car, but you may not spend the money. Who can blame you? After all, you may be saving for a dream vacation and don’t want to use the money on a brand new vehicle. However, you may consider buying a used car, but you may have a… (read more)

Whoa, Baby! Getting a Mortgage Loan While on Maternity Leave

Congratulations on starting your family! It’s exciting, but you may need more room to grow. Being a first-time homeowner is also thrilling, but a mortgage loan and maternity leave may not be what you have in mind. You may hope that your baby will arrive once you’ve settled into your new place. But life doesn’t… (read more)

How to Tackle Your Next Home Renovation Project: Get the 411 on What Needs to be Done

Whether you are refreshing a paint color, completely upgrading an existing space to make it more functional and inviting, or creating a brand new space, don’t let the thought of starting a home renovation project overwhelm you. We’ve laid out six essential renovation tips to think about before you begin. Define the Scope of Work … (read more)

Recreational Vehicle Toys: Motorcycle, Boat, ATV or Personal Watercraft (Which One Do You Want?)-Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of our recreational vehicle toys blog post. Maybe you’ve dreamt of cruising around Lake Erie on a jet ski. Or perhaps you prefer to stay on land and imagine yourself riding an ATV (all-terrain vehicle). Whichever grown-up recreational vehicle toys you’ve had your eye on, it’s a good idea to know… (read more)

Recreational Vehicle Toys: Motorcycle, Boat, ATV or Personal Watercraft (Which One Do You Want?) – Part One

Vroom! Do you picture yourself cruising the open road on a motorcycle? Maybe you’ve dreamt of sailing around Lake Erie in a boat. Whichever grown-up recreational vehicle toys you’ve had your eye on, it’s a good idea to know something about them before buying one that’s new or pre-owned. What You Need to Know About… (read more)

Buying a New Recreational Vehicle (RV)? Here’s How to Keep it in Tip-Top Shape

  It’s a new year, and you may be thinking about buying a recreational vehicle. And why not? Imagine you and your family cruising down America’s highways, camping in national parks, and enjoying the great outdoors. Can you smell the S’mores cooking over an open campfire? How to Keep Your Rec Vehicle in Great Condition… (read more)

Member Service: How Can We Help You?

There’s no doubt about it that credit unions are different. We take member service seriously As members, you’re part owners and have a stake in what happens. Keep reading to learn more about how we differ and what we can help you with today. How Does Our Member Service Differ? And according to the World… (read more)

Hey, Millennials! Are You Making These Credit Card Mistakes?

  Credit cards are a nice thing to have. After all, if you want to travel, spend a little extra during the holidays, or buy a large-ticket item like a Smart TV, you can use a card. But if you misuse your credit, you may damage your financial health. And if you don’t know what… (read more)

Autumn: A Scary-Good Time to Buy a Home

Ah, fall. The season of changing leaves, apple cider, and pumpkin spice everything. But certainly not the time to buy a home, right? Wrong. Research shows that in the last few months of the year can be a great time for home buyers to purchase a new home. Here’s why: Less Competition We’ve gotten past… (read more)

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