Checking Accounts

Basic Checking

Checking Accounts at FFCCU Offer Ease and Accessibility with These Features:

  • e-Alerts
  • ATM and VISA®Debit Cards
  • e-Statements
  • No minimum balance
  • FREE bill pay
  • FREE online banking
  • FREE Mobile App
  • More than 36,000 ATMs


Protect Yourself with Overdraft Privilege

We know life can be hectic, and people make honest mistakes—that’s why we offer Overdraft Privilege on our Checking Accounts! This way you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment and hassle of postponing transactions and you can move on with the more important things. So what exactly is Overdraft Privilege? This coverage will allow transactions to process even when funds from your primary checking account are short.* This includes automatic bill pay deductions, checks and/or other ACH transactions.

Here are two example scenarios:

You have automatic bill pay set up, however; funds in your checking account were short. Because you have Overdraft Privilege, we would process that auto payment up to $500 including the $30 fee. This way you’re not late on making your payment and you don’t incur any additional fees from the payee.

You wrote three checks, each exceeded the available balance in your checking account. With Overdraft Privilege protection, we would still process and pay those three checks up to $500 including the three $30 fees to do so. This way you aren’t charged any bounced check fees from the payee or their institution.

Want Overdraft Protection on Your Visa® Debit Card, too?

Getting Overdraft Protection on your Visa® Debit Card allows transactions to process even when funds from your primary checking account are short. You can elect this coverage through Online Banking by logging in and clicking on the “Other Services” tab, or contact a friendly FFCCU Teammate for assistance!

*For each transaction short of funds, FFCCU will assess a $30 fee. The Overdraft Privilege will cover up to $500 total, including the fees. There are no daily limits on the number of overdraft fees or charges. You have 30 days from initial overdraft to bring your account to a positive balance. FFCCU reserves the right to revoke this service at any time. We may refuse to pay an overdraft at any time, even though an account is in good standing and even though we may have previously paid overdrafts for an account. You may contact FFCCU at any time to revoke your consent for this service.