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Home Buyer Checklist

A Checklist for Home Buyers As a home buyer, being prepared can not only lower your stress level, but it can also empower you. Following these five steps you’ll be empowered to make a good decision. You’ll also have more power to negotiate the best deal for yourself. Establish Your Budget: Check out our financial calculator to… (read more)

Everything needs a good spring cleaning, even your finances.

As your spring cleaning kicks into high gear, don’t forget to dust off your personal financial plan. Here at FFCCU we have lots of different ways to help you “tidy up” your finances. Taking a few minutes now to access your plan (or create one) can save you hours of stress and worry later and… (read more)

Five Ways to Turbo-Charge Your Car Shopping Process

Tips to stretch your dollar when car shopping According to a consumer survey conducted by the Ohio Credit Union League, more than 23% of Ohio consumers are considering purchasing a vehicle this year. And rather than pay cash, 83% are more likely to finance that vehicle. When asked what factors respondents considered when vehicle shopping:… (read more)

How can sticking to a budget be less problematic?

While many Ohio consumers plan to start 2017 off with a household budget, sticking to that budget may pose a problem. Data from a consumer survey conducted by the Ohio Credit Union League reveals 75 percent of respondents plan to start the new year off with a household budget, but 45 percent of those respondents… (read more)

Get Your Vote On!

              Voting has opened to elect three (3) members to the FFCCU Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is essential to the credit union because they serve as the members’ voice and make important decisions on matters such as rates, promotions, policies, procedures, and guide the overall direction… (read more)

4 Tips for Choosing Safe Financial Apps

From Candy Crush Saga to Google Translate, consumers have thousands of mobile apps to choose from. While numerous people are quick to download music or movie-streaming apps, not everyone is as confident with financial apps. According to a 2016 Mid-Year Consumer Survey conducted by the Ohio Credit Union League, 52 percent of respondents don’t use… (read more)

Holiday Car Buying Tips

You may not have thought that the holidays are a good time for car shopping. Heck, you may feel that there’s never a good time to buy a car. But now is one of the best times of the year! Rates at FFCCU are great and we’d love the opportunity to help you get that… (read more)

Don’t let holiday magic make your finances disappear

Don’t let holiday magic make your finances disappear While the excitement of the holidays and gift-giving season can be a magical time for children, adults face a plethora of additional expenses during the last two months of the year. Whether its gifts, food, decorations, the perfect outfit for that holiday party, or airfare to visit… (read more)

End-of-Year Charitable Giving

Ohioans embrace the spirit of giving during the holidays. Fifty-five percent of Ohio consumers make a holiday-related charitable contribution at the end of the year, according to a consumer survey conducted by the Ohio Credit Union League. Of those who make a contribution, 55% said they write off charitable donations on their taxes. Americans gave… (read more)

Credit Union Hugs Help Improve Local Economies

Understanding the difference between credit unions and other financial institutions can be confusing because they all seem to offer the same products and services. However, credit unions are different as they were founded on 7 cooperative principles which help to define them as financial cooperatives and give them a not-for-profit tax status. But how does… (read more)

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