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Green Path Financial Wellness

Membership at FFCCU has tons of perks and benefits, including this one!

For years, we’ve offered the services of Accel, a financial assistance partner., to our membership. Today, we’re happy to announce that Accel is now part of GreenPath Financial Wellness. Now we’re able to offer members even more support to ensure they accomplish their financial goals.

GreenPath’s certified experts can advise you on all types of financial situations. This is an amazing, FREE benefit and it’s not just those having financial troubles!

GreenPath Financial Wellness can:
• Explore options for easing financial stress and accomplishing financial goals
• Discuss your credit and provide tips for improving your credit score
• Look at student loan repayment options, including the pros and cons
• Discuss debt repayment options
• Assist with housing issues, including purchasing a home, avoiding foreclosure, or reverse mortgages
• Provide you and your family with financial education, through online resources and tools

Additional benefits include budgeting software, online courses, workshops, videos, webinars, articles, and financial literacy programs.

Upcoming GreenPath Webinars, FREE to our members!

  • February 21 Planning for the Future: Many of us struggle with long-term planning and saving. Science shows that the future can be uncertain, so why would we focus on saving now. In this webinar, we are featuring a Certified Financial Planner who will help us understand the value of long-term savings and one step that we can take today to get started on our journey to a financially secure future.
  • March 7 Cruise Control Your Finances: Decision Fatigue is a real thing that we can all suffer from. During this webinar, we will be calling on GreenPath’s own Behavioral Insights Consultant, Chinmay Aradhye. We will touch on tips for setting your finances on auto-pilot, ways to motivate yourself to accomplish your dreams, and other behavioral science tips to lead a financially healthy life.
  • March 21 Stress and Spending: Roughly 71% of Americans identify finances as a significant contributor to their stress. In our conversation today Maja Reed, GreenPath’s Empathy Coach will help us better understand our needs and provide tips for coping with stress. How we handle these topics has a direct impact on how we interact with money.

Did you know GreenPath has a closed Facebook group designed to build an online community of support between GreenPath users? Their online community has over 1,400 members who share success stories, ask questions, offer support to others along their financial journey. To join, request access to their Closed Facebook Group here.

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This is just one of many benefits and Member Perks are available to you and it’s our way of saying, “thank you”, for being a member of FFCCU!