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Get Back On Track With Accel

Accel is a confidential and free financial management program specifically for FFCCU members. With Accel, you can receive financial counseling, credit report counseling, and help with debt management planning. You’ll have access to financial counselors who provide personalized services for your individual needs.

Whether you want to review your credit history, get out of debt, avoid bankruptcy or start a practical savings plan, advice from a certified counselor is only a phone call away. Specific services, all of which are free for our members, include:

  • Debt counseling and financial coaching
  • Housing counseling by HUD-approved experts
  • Full-service debt management plans
  • Credit report reviews
  • Financial education tools and workshops

Additional Services:


A a financial software designed to help you manage your money more effectively.


Whether you are looking to open a checking account for the first time or you have had difficulty handling an account in the past, CheckRight is designed to teach you how to manage your checking account. Among other things, the program will help you learn how to open an account, write checks, make deposits, reconcile your account, and create a spending plan.


Credit Debt Management Infographic

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