Monthly Archives: July 2021

Four Reasons To Refinance Your Mortgage

If you’re a homeowner, refinancing your home may have crossed your mind. With interest rates at historic lows, many people are taking advantage of locking in a lower rate for the duration of their mortgage loan. What is Refinancing? Refinancing your mortgage typically involves paying off your current mortgage with a new loan, typically at… (read more)

Seven Money Tips You Need to Know Before You Start College

As you prepare to head off to college this fall, guest blogger, Nichole Coyle, Certified Financial Planner™, has seven money saving tips to help you adjust to this new phase in your life. Get a Part Time Job There are plenty of part-time work opportunities right now, whether at the local retail store, serving or… (read more)

Want To Tap Into The Equity of Your Home? Here are a Few Differences Between a Loan and a Line of Credit.

When it comes time to tap into your home equity, it may be tough to decide which home equity product is right for you. Are you looking at tackling a big home renovation project you’ve been putting off? Is your son or daughter going to college, and you want to offset the cost of their… (read more)

Scoring FREEBIES This Summer! Free Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained

There’s nothing better than scoring a good deal or getting something for free! We’ve got several different FREE items and printable activities to keep your child busy and engaged for the rest of the summer. Lego Magazine Subscription If your kid loves Legos, they can receive a free subscription to Lego Magazine.  The subscription includes… (read more)

Build Equity In Your Home With These Five Home Improvements

Owning a house is a long-term investment, and the goal is to have your property appreciate while you enjoy living in it. Upgrades and updates can help you increase your home’s value more quickly. When thinking about remodeling your home to increase its value, consider these five projects: Landscaping From buying a few new plants… (read more)