Monthly Archives: February 2021

Just Got Your Tax Refund? Here’s Four Tips on What You Should Do with It!

It’s tax refund season! For those who are lucky enough to receive one, now is the time to think about where it fits in your financial plan. Preparing for costs of living in advance lessens the burden you’ll feel by being caught off guard for things that may come your way this year. Prepping now… (read more)

What You Need to Know About Club Savings Accounts!

Are you thinking about a summer getaway? Do you want to get a jump start on saving for the next holiday season? Opening a club account could help you achieve those savings goals! You may be wondering what a club account is and how to use it? Continue reading because we answer some common questions… (read more)

Why You Should Consider Refinancing Your Car Loan

Refinancing your car loan can be extremely helpful in certain situations. If you need to start saving more money, free up cash for a large emergency expense, or deal with a sudden drop in income – lowering your monthly auto loan payment can help you tap into the extra funds you need. Plus, if your… (read more)

How to Have a Great Valentine’s Day, Even If You’re on a Budget

 As Valentine’s Day approaches, it may be the perfect time to do something nice for someone special. But, what happens when you are on a budget or didn’t plan ahead but still want to make it memorable? Read on for some fun and affordable ideas to make the day enjoyable. Stay In If you are… (read more)