How Much Do You Spend on Gifts?

As soon as Thanksgiving dinner is over and we’re all nursing a food hangover, we’re encouraged to get out and get shopping. A lot of us end up shopping for ourselves of course. After all, who can resist some of these deals? They’re technically good investments, right? And, of course, some of us take the online shopping route so we can avoid the lines and stay in our pajamas.

Regardless of when you decide to shop (there’s bound to be some good deals on Christmas Eve right?), you should stay wary of how much you’re spending on yourself and others. It’s great to give, but it’s not so great to go over budget!

According to Statista, retail industry sales during the holiday season have been steadily increasing over the years. Studies seem to give a range of how much the average person spends on gifts during the holidays. Many of these studies put their average gift budget for a U.S. adult between $500-$600 (tack on another ~$200 when considering decorations, food, travel costs, charitable donations, etc.) This means that your holiday bill can easily get into the quadruple digits.

So, what are some things you can do to save money while there’s still time?

  • Shop on Green Monday if you still have shopping to do. Green Monday is December 11th and tends to be the biggest “hurrah” that retailers give in December to drive more sales. Scope out the good deals and set a spending limit.
  • Consider shopping online on December 15th – which is Free Shipping Day. Online retailers tend to guarantee delivery by Christmas Eve too.
  • If you’ve overdone yourself, chances are you can still return some of the merchandise that puts you over your budget! Consider what you bought for yourself, are the things that you really need?
  • Solar-powered what? Solar-powered Christmas lights exist and are quite affordable! Consider these for next year in order to save a bit on your electric bill. (You can learn more about going solar at
  • Gift cards are easy and help you stay in budget. Giving someone a gift card for an exact amount will make it easy for you to manage what you spend! Just make sure it’s for somewhere they like to shop.
  • As a member of FFCCU, you can utilize your member perks to save as well. Book travel (you can really save on hotels) with CU Travel Club, or buy discount movie tickets for your favorite cinephile here.

Don’t forget to use your FFCCU Most Rewards or Great Rate card while you shop during December. During Giftmas (December 1-12) you’ll be entered for a chance to win $500 with each and every $10+ purchase you make.* Plus this is a good chance to build up your points on your Most Rewards card and get a little something for yourself!

Happy holidays to you!

*Visit our Giftmas webpage to learn more.