Monthly Archives: October 2021

Planning for Healthcare in Retirement

Healthcare in retirement; it’s not something that first comes to mind when thinking about our post-working days. But it’s an important piece of your retirement budget. Today, guest blogger Nichole Coyle, CFP, tells us what to plan for when considering healthcare in retirement. In general, people are living longer and health care inflation continues to… (read more)

Get your Holiday Budget Ready Now with These 4 Tips

It’s never too early to start budgeting for your holiday shopping! When you plan ahead, you’ll be able to enjoy the season without racking up a ton of debt. To get started, check out these helpful tips. Open A Club Account Consider opening a Holiday Club  saving account for your holiday shopping’s expenses. What’s a Club… (read more)

Credit Unions and Banks: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between credit unions and banks? It’s a question we get a lot – especially from individuals who are looking for a financial institution for the first time. If you have regular banking needs, chances are you’ll find what you need at both credit unions and banks. These include checking and savings accounts, money… (read more)

Tips and Tricks to Combat Inflation.

You hear the term mentioned frequently these days: Inflation. But it makes you wonder, what is inflation? The Bureau of Labor Statistics defines inflation as “the overall general upward price movement of goods and services in an economy.” For the rest of us, it just means we’re all paying more for just about everything.    While inflation… (read more)

How to Stay Financially Confident in Retirement

In todays’ age, retirees are living longer and experiencing retirement in new ways. In general, people no longer work for the same employer for 50 years, retire on a predictable pension, and settle into a quiet lifestyle. Instead, today’s retirees are more active—with baby boomers controlling 70% of the country’s disposable income. They’re traveling the world,… (read more)