Unlock Bonus Benefits with This Credit Union Checking Account

Two members leveling up the bonus benefits of their credit union checking account as part of our advantage checking program.

A checking account is so essential that it may not be something you think about often. As the main place where many of us keep our money, we use checking accounts every day. It is the hub of our financial life. Even if you have written off writing checks, this account is still the “home” for your debit card. But aren’t all checking accounts basically the same? Sure, you want a credit union checking account to enjoy the benefits of membership. But other than avoiding monthly service fees that some banks charge, “checking is checking,” right?

Enter FFCCU’s Advantage Checking. An Advantage Checking account offers the essentials you need. It gives you peace of mind by being available 24/7 with no maintenance fee. Then we take it a step further – with bonus benefits you can unlock every month. It can be confusing to navigate the specifics of a detailed program like this. Fortunately, qualifying for those bonuses can usually be done by making Advantage Checking your primary account. Let’s take a look at the details and empower you to choose:



FFCCU’s Advantage Checking has all the features you expect from a credit union checking account. The idea is to offer members a flexible primary checking account for all needs. This offers you the convenience of accessing your money digitally or in person. You can count on:

  1. No monthly maintenance fee.
  2. No minimum balance requirement.
  3. Easy to use digital banking. Whether desktop, mobile or the free FFCCU app, the interface is nearly identical. If you’re struggling to find a feature, we have an extensive list of short tutorial videos.
  4. 35,000+ surcharge-free ATMs nationwide. Through the Co-op shared branching network, FFCCU members have access to a vast number of ATMs that can be used without a servicer fee.
  5. Easy and free bill pay options.


You can feel confident that your money is accessible when and how you need it.



What if you want to go beyond the essentials of a credit union checking account? That’s where Advantage Checking shines: providing bonus benefits that are fairly easy to meet. Members with qualified Advantage Checking enjoy 2.00% APY earnings – greater than some high-yield savings! This enables you to grow your money just by using your checking account.



What does the other major benefit of Advantage Checking—no FFCCU ATM fees—mean? Understanding how ATM fees work can be frustrating. Here’s a summary of how it tends to work and how Advantage Checking benefits you:

ATMs frequently charge two fees—one from the user’s financial institution (in your case, FFCCU) and one from the ATM owner/servicer. Qualified Advantage Checking gets all FFCCU’s withdrawal fees refunded at the end of the month. You can access ATMs as often as you would like without a lasting charge on our end. When taking advantage of ATMs in the Co-op network, there’s no fee whatsoever! Advantage Checking is a great way to gain some peace of mind by shrugging off fees.



So, how do you get these two significant benefits? Just meet a few qualifying criteria, and your benefits will be activated for the month. Think of this as “unlocking” your benefits by meeting some simple requirements. If Advantage Checking is your primary account – where you make everyday purchases and receive your paycheck – you will likely qualify!

The criteria to unlock bonus benefits are:

  1. Enrolling in E-Statements. This takes less than a minute. Once you’ve done it, it’s done for good! You can find details on switching here. Digital banking saves you time by providing convenience right at your fingertips.
  2. Direct depositing $500 into your Advantage Checking account and maintain a $500 average daily balance. Setting your paycheck to direct deposit to Advantage Checking will help with this.
  3. Making 12 or more transactions with your VISA® Debit Card. Online and in person, making everyday purchases with your debit card can easily qualify you.



For some members, it can be challenging to maintain leveled-up Advantage Checking requirements.   So, what happens if you don’t meet your criteria in a month? In short: nothing! There are no penalties for missing your Advantage Checking criteria in a given month. While you won’t enjoy those extras, you can always qualify again the following month. It’s a credit union checking account offering extras when they work for you without punishing you on an off month. Open monthly opportunities to qualify for bonus benefits makes Advantage Checking a low-stress option.

Want some help tracking your Advantage Checking qualifications? It’s easy to track in our digital banking.



Ready to make the switch? Enjoy the flexibility and benefits of a credit union checking account with Advantage Checking. You can get started at ffcommunity.com/checking-accounts/advantage-checking or contact us through online chat (red word-bubble button in the bottom right corner). We’ll make your switch painless and get you on the road to unlocking bonus benefits in no time.