A fast, secure way to access account history

To sign up for e-Statements:

You can change your e-Statement subscription at any time by accessing the “More Services” tab and finding e-Statements there.

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Through online banking, e-Statements are available to view, print or download at your convenience. After electing e-Statements, a 36-month rolling history of statements will remain available. Download files as a PDF or  .CSV file, which is compatible with most financial software. E-statements are quick, convenient, and eco-friendly!

To Access e-Statements:

e Statements in Online Banking


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eTax Documents, another benefit e-Statements

Account holders that earned $10 or more in dividends, or paid $600 or more in mortgage loan interest, are sent tax documents. With e-Statements, you also have access to e-Tax docs. An email notification is sent as soon as e-Tax Documents are available.

To Access eTax Document(s):

Please note: If you have multiple membership accounts, please log into each individual account to retrieve any Tax Documents for the account. (Tax Documents are accessible only within the individual account, they are not set up for cross-account access)

If you have any questions about e-Statements or eTax Documents, please contact us. You can send us a secure message through online banking or call 216.621.4644 for more information.


Note:  If you’re currently not enrolled, please give us a call at 216.621.4644 or register now for online banking.