The Ignite VISA® Debit Card

Today, having a debit card is not only more convenient, but it can be more secure than carrying cash. With the card, you can make deposits at an ATM and shop in-stores or online. It’s also a great way to track your spending and learn to responsibly manage your money. Plus, the card comes in handy for emergencies! For example, let’s say you run out of gas (an innocent mistake when you first start driving). With the Ignite Card, your family can transfer money from their FFCCU account to your card, allowing you to fuel up and get home safely!


It’s a great way to learn how to be financially responsible, but it doesn’t hurt to have some extra help. That’s why we’ve added these extra, security features: purchase and withdrawal limits (which can be customized) and EMV chip technologyPlus, these FREE tools to help manage the account:

Visit Us to Open a Club Ignite Debit Card

Having a debit card is a big responsibility, which is why we ask that you come visit us at a branch with an adult to open an Ignite debit card. Fill out the form below of find a branch to get started.


I Want To Sign Up for a Club Ignite Debit Card!

After completing the form, a friendly teammate will follow up to answer any questions you have about Club Ignite and schedule a face-to-face meeting.

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*A parent or guardian must be on any Club Ignite account. For your protection, there are restrictions placed on withdrawal amounts. The Ignite Card is equipped with EMV Chip security. Online Banking allows for total 24-hr. account access for all account holders. All account holders can set up e-Alerts (custom notifications) regarding the account balance, transaction and deposit activity. If parent/guardian and teen are not members, they must meet the FFCCU membership requirements and become members before activating the Club Ignite account and debit card.