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Access your statement history quicker and more securely with e-Statements

  • You’ll have immediate access to your statement via Online Banking
  • An email will be sent to you when your Statement is ready. No need to wait for your statement in the mail.
  • Anytime access to view, print and save your Eco-friendly – paperless statements
  • Statements have a rolling 36-month history
  • Downloadable as a .CSV file – compatible with most financial software
Click to enlarge sample

Click to enlarge sample

Our e-Statement also feature selective inserts. So, when you see these icons we have news and information to share:

4AlarmNewsletter = Four Alarm Newsletter

SparkyNewsletter = Sparky’s Newsletter

message_icon = There’s news

Important = Important Information regarding your account

Note:  If you aren’t currently registered for Online Banking, please give us a call at 216.621.4644 or see more information here

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