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e-Alerts are a free and simple way for you to manage funds and monitor your FFCCU accounts.

Who can remember everything, right?!  Well, with e-alerts, you don’ t have to!

Setting up alerts only takes a few seconds and can save you time and money.  You can be reminded and alerted to all kinds of account activities such as:

  • When a check has cleared
  • Account balance info
  • A deposit or withdrawal has been made.

Depending on the alert, you can select to be notified via email, text message or both!  Sign up for e-Alerts by logging into Online Banking or click here to follow our how-to guide.


Newly Enhanced e-Alert Options

 For an Account:

  • Home Banking Locked
  • Home Banking Login Failure Alert (New)
  • Home Banking Password Changed Alert (New)
  • New Card Order
  • Email/Name/Address/Phone Number Changed
  • Ability to create custom alerts (of any kind, such as someone’s birthday)


Share Account e-Alerts:

  • Balance Alerts such as: Daily Balance, Minimum/Maximum balance (Allows for multiple thresholds to be setup)
  • Check Cleared
  • Withdrawals
  • Deposits
  • Stopped Payment
  • Debit Card (pre-authorization)
  • Certificate Maturity


Got a Loan?  These e-Alerts are super handy!

  • Payment Due (Allows for multiple alerts to be setup for varying days prior to payment being due)
  • Balance Change
  • Late Payment Notification
  • Interest Rate Change
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