Advantages of a Credit Union – More Than a Savings Account

Firefighters who are members enjoy a treat at Member Appreciation Day, one of the advantages of a credit union like FFCCU.

If you’re an FFCCU member, you understand the advantages of a credit union. Great savings and loan rates, service that recognizes you as an individual, and a dedication to members over earnings. You might be a member to serve your traditional “banking needs” of a savings or checking account. Or maybe you found your way to FFCCU through a vehicle loan and stuck around. Maybe you came in for a Dare2Compare and found a more suitable, safe, and engaged home for your financial needs.

Whatever the case is, not all members always know the full breadth of advantages of a credit union like FFCCU. So today, we are breaking down some of the services, benefits, and special extras you have access to through your membership, but might not know about:



It may not come up often for most members, but when you do need a notary, where do you go? Easy answer: head into any FFCCU branch! We provide FREE notary services for our members. So, if you’re anticipating a need for a deed, mortgage, transfer of sale, contract, or other legal document in need of notarization, contact your branch to get started. Be sure to ask about this service as you work through home financing with FFCCU. Limiting run-around for members is another one of the advantages of a credit union.



FFCCU and other credit unions have partners who want to provide special offers just because you’re a member. This is one of those advantages of a credit union that can vary quite a bit. Here are some great FFCCU member benefits you may not have heard about:


Intuit TurboTax ® Discounts

If tax time is an annual worry, membership with FFCCU can ease the process! Members benefit from a discount of up to 20% off on all Intuit TurboTax federal products online. TurboTax is a titan in the field of tax prep – the #1 best-selling software of its kind. You can rest assured that your taxes are being done with one of the most tried-and-tested home tax solutions around. If you’re already a member, head on over to the TurboTax microsite to get started.

If you’re tuning in from January – February 2024, you might be eligible to enter the Love My Credit Union Rewards Tax Time sweepstakes for a $10,000 reward. You can find all the details here.


Enterprise Car Sales

If you are looking for a used car, your FFCCU membership could be the hook-up you need! Through our partnership with Enterprise Car Sales, you can find a great ride at an unbeatable price. Enterprise boasts a diverse selection of gently used vehicles available without any hassle and haggling. Going through our partnership link will get you started with financing through FFCCU. You can save time with a pre-approved loan and get on the road faster! If you have more questions, contact Enterprise at 888.227.7253.



While we often discuss the dangers cyber criminals pose to your funds; theft, fire, flood, and other disasters are also a consideration. Small, valuable, and important documents can be at risk even if they are “off the grid,” and we have a solution to keep you safe!

Our downtown Cleveland branch has safe deposit boxes available in a variety of sizes. Safe deposit boxes are a great tool for managing those vulnerable and precious items. The boxes are secure, fire resistant, and provide convenient access when you need it. Enjoy peace of mind while traveling, knowing that your valuables are secure – one of those often overlooked advantages of a credit union and one FFCCU is happy to provide!



Whether it’s for work or relaxation, if you are on the road often, you’ll want to swing by your branch or log in for some additional benefits that your FFCCU membership provides.



If you’re a frequent traveler, you know that the costs of your journeys can really add up. Easing those expenses is another of the advantages of a credit union membership you might not have considered! FFCCU members are eligible for standard membership with Credit Union Travel Club and the variety of discounts they offer. You can look forward to member-exclusive rates on hotel bookings worldwide, hotel dollars accrued monthly that can be applied to your bookings, and you can offer up to three friends a free membership (even if they aren’t also FFCCU members).

When you travel frequently, it all adds up. Take a look at Credit Union Travel Club’s details, then grab your info and log in!


Heading overseas and want to pay cash? With a bit of planning ahead, you can purchase foreign bills through FFCCU. Check in with us at least 10 days before your travel, and we can place an order for currencies for over 100 countries. We also offer currency price protection for up to $2,500 for those trips where it’s hard to gauge just how much money you are going to need. Be sure to check in with your branch well in advance of your travel if you have further questions.



One more thing – we dedicate an entire day annually to give some gratitude to our members! Each year’s celebration is a bit different, but you can expect freebies, goodies, and more. In 2023, we had visits from some awesome local food trucks! Keep an eye out during the fall season for further information about the year’s festivities.


While this is a pretty deep dive into some of the unsung services your FFCCU membership provides, it’s hardly an exhaustive list. For more details, visit, and always feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have about your membership and its many benefits.