Adopt-A-Family & More: Charities We Love

Adopt-A-Family logo featuring a gift box with two children dressed in festive attire, spending the holiday together.

We’re entering the “season of giving,” which typically gets us thinking about holiday shopping for friends and family. But in more recent years, we’ve seen the advent of Giving Tuesday (a National Day of Giving celebrated on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving) balancing out the more consumerist frenzy of Black Friday. Giving Tuesday is a celebration of charitable causes and non-profit organizations, reminding us that giving can also mean donations to those in need and groups that tirelessly advocate for the causes close to our hearts.

As a community credit union, FFCCU is passionate about supporting other organizations in our communities. Each year, we support a variety of charitable causes and functions – whether it’s our candy bar sales in partnership with Malley’s Chocolates, direct sponsorship of events, or a seasonal program. Currently, we’re proud to be offering an Adopt-A-Family program, benefitting families struggling with pediatric cancer.

To inspire you for National Day of Giving, here are just a few of the many charitable causes that we love!



Thanks to The Littlest Heroes, no child fights alone! For over 20 years, The Littlest Heroes has been dedicated to providing financial and emotional support to families confronting pediatric cancer and other severe childhood illnesses. An entire family’s world is shaken up after a diagnosis. While every story is different, it isn’t uncommon for a parent to lose 25%-50% of employment income (or even total job loss) to refocus on caring for their child or adolescent young adult. Cancer treatment needs can be complex and sometimes include long travel in order to receive treatment. Many families report 15-40 hours a week to address their young one’s healthcare needs. Further adding to difficulties is the cost of care – which frequently ranges between $5,000 – $10,000 a year, entirely out of pocket.

It’s easy to see how all of those challenges detract from the joy of the holiday season. Recognizing this, The Littlest Heroes started their Adopt-A-Family program 15 years ago. How does it work? Individuals and organizations, like FFCCU, will “adopt” a family struggling with the various complications that come with supporting a child after diagnosis. The Littlest Heroes understands that illness brings unique difficulties to every family member, and so every member of the family submits a wish list of their Adopt-A-Family wants and needs, as well as an account of their story. Then, generous supporters will purchase gifts from the list. The Littlest Heroes coordinates wrapping and delivery in both group events and personal home visits.

How can you get involved in FFCCU’s Adopt-A-Family? We’re making it easy! Swing by any branch and keep an eye out for our holiday tree. Attached are gift tags with gift requests from families being helped by The Littlest Heroes organization. Grab a tag, get out there, and do some shopping for a child in need! Once you’ve grabbed your gift, return to the same branch and deliver the unwrapped item. The National Day of Giving (Tuesday, November 28) is a great time to go! For details, visit our Adopt-A-Family page.



While FFCCU membership is open to the community, our history is rooted in the work and dedication of firefighters from throughout northeast Ohio. Each fall, the organization puts on the Cleveland Heroes Run. This 5-mile / 2-mile run from St. Joseph Academy through the gorgeous Rocky River Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks. Proceeds from this race support scholarships for the children of firefighters and police who lost their lives in the line of duty.



This one will get your tail wagging! City Dogs showcases the doggies who arrive at Cleveland Animal Care & Control in search of a forever home. There are a number of ways you can be a pal to the pooches that City Dogs highlights – even if you aren’t in a place to bring in a new, furry family member: they host a lost & found dogs list, accept donations on both their Amazon and Chewy wish lists (National Day of Giving is a great time to pitch in!), and take direct monetary donations to support adoption efforts. It’s a different kind of Adopt-A-Family situation – from the pup’s perspective!



The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the largest funder of research of its kind. BCRF participates in a wide range of fundraising efforts, from events like 5ks, planned giving support from frequent donors, and brand partnerships. They sponsor a similarly diverse array of researchers and projects aimed at helping people with breast cancer enjoy longer, healthier lives.