Monthly Archives: March 2024

Having Cash on Campus: Student Finances While Attending School

Managing student finances during your college years can be challenging, but it’s also essential. Establishing financial stability while in school is not only about making ends meet, but also setting the foundation for a secure future. Here are ten key strategies to work towards and maintain financial stability while on campus.   Create a Realistic… (read more)

2024 Tax Changes – Tips for Filing

For many people, filing a tax return each year is a dreaded chore. You acclimated to the previous year’s expectations – but what will 2024 tax changes bring? Filing needn’t be so stressful. A little preparation and knowledge can ensure you submit on time and take advantage of any credits and deductions that will lower… (read more)

Sink Your Teeth Into the Best Savings Rates

This past year has seen some of the best interest rates for certificates in some time. So, what’s ahead here in 2024? How can you take advantage of the best savings rates available, and what should you anticipate if you’re considering a certificate soon? As a quick refresher, certificates – sometimes called certificates of deposit… (read more)

Holiday & Vacation Savings – Seasonal Satisfaction with Club Accounts

A few years of missed opportunities from being cooped up and our always-busy lives have made many of us more eager than ever to hit the road, get out on the waves, or take off to a new destination. But the rising cost of… well, everything is making vacation planning more stressful than it used… (read more)