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Are You Getting Ready to Go to College – Don’t Get Caught Off Guard By Hidden Expenses

Going to college is an exciting time. Maybe you have decided to go away from home for college, and you will be staying in a dorm for the year. Or perhaps you chose to stay and home and are planning on commuting. Whatever choice you make, here are four unexpected college expenses to plan for… (read more)

Three FFCCU Money Hacks: Tips and Tricks That May Be Hiding In Your Wallet

It may come as a shock to some, but there are money hacks hiding in plain sight in your wallet and untapped benefits on your credit cards and savings accounts that could potentially help you make money. Read more as we divulge three tips to make your money work for you! There’s An App For That!… (read more)

Five Steps to Prepare for a Big Purchase

By GreenPath Financial Wellness  A financial journey typically includes several twists and turns – such as understanding how to manage spending, build savings and control debt. There might be “speed bumps” in the form of unexpected changes in income. Along the way, you might also navigate milestone purchases such as financing a home or car. When considering a significant purchase, the destination is within reach when you steer through the following five financial steps. Look at your financial picture Start by considering what you can afford given your current income,… (read more)

Six FREE Activities That Will Make Your Summer More Memorable

Summer is right around the corner! You don’t have to break the bank to have a memorable summer vacation, so we put together a list of six FREE activities you can do with your friends or by yourself. Take A Hike There are so many excellent trails to see around your local or state parks!… (read more)