Monthly Archives: January 2020

Money Management: Your Guide to Getting a Fresh Start in the New Year

Ah, the new year: time to toss that stale fruitcake and begin anew on that resolution to lose 20 pounds. It’s also the perfect time to review your personal finances and money management goals. We’re here to help you reach those goals, whether they are to spend less, create an emergency savings fund, or something else…. (read more)

12 First-Time Homebuyer Tips You Need to Know for a Smooth Process (Infographic)

When you’re ready to purchase your first home, the process can seem both exciting and a bit overwhelming. You may know what you’re looking for regarding the number of bedrooms and baths, but that’s only one small part of the homebuying journey. Financing your purchase and understanding the responsibilities that come along with homeownership are… (read more)

How to Get Your Credit Back on Track

“How do I get my credit back on track?” According to data from the second quarter of 2019 from Experian, the average FICO® Score* in the U.S. is 703, which is considered “good” by most lenders. If your credit was damaged in the past because of divorce, missed payments, or bankruptcy, but you’ve taken steps… (read more)