Monthly Archives: July 2023

Share Certificate vs. CD? What’s the Difference?

CERTIFICATES. You’ve seen the term a lot recently in promos for FFCCU and other financial institutions. At a credit union, you may have heard about ‘share certificates.’ Elsewhere you’ve probably seen mention of ‘certificates of deposit,’ more often abbreviated as ‘CDs. Share certificate vs CD vs certificate of deposit…what’s the difference? Spoiler Alert: functionally, there… (read more)

Hidden Costs of a DIY Home Remodel

Gloves? Check. Safety goggles? Check. Hammer hanging off of your carpenter jeans? Check. You’re ready to fulfill your HGTV dreams and dive into a much-needed DIY home remodel project. You’re going DIY with this because A) it will save on the cost, and B) you’ll have fun doing it. You’ve carefully budgeted for your project,… (read more)

6 Financial Tips for Life After Graduating College

When you’re graduating college, there are a lot of financial decisions to make. Many you are quickly aware of, while some you may take some time to learn. Nichole Coyle, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, is here to give you a shortcut to information that can help you be a step ahead! 1. Student Loans Most people… (read more)

Mobile Wallets & Payment Apps: is Mobile Pay Really Safe?

Still reticent to dive into the world of mobile payments? It’s easy to understand why. You’ve undoubtedly come across intimidating terms like ‘ransomware,’ heard horror stories about identity theft, or even had to scrub your own device after infestation from a virus (the days of LimeWire aren’t that far behind us). The idea of trusting… (read more)