How Do I Skip-A-Pay?

We’re giving qualified* FFCCU members the opportunity to skip their December or January payment. Imagine what you could do if you skipped just one loan payment!

How Do I Skip-A-Pay?

Call, Text or Live Chat

  • Call us at 216.621.4644
  • Text “Skip A Pay” to 216.621.4644 to get started
  • Chat with us by clicking the “Live Chat” button on this page
  • If you use our loan payment center, you will need to login and pause your loan there as well

Visit a Branch

  • Visit any of our branches and we’ll look up your account and help you complete your Skip-A-Pay!

Please note: Automatic payments set-up through our loan payment center must ALSO be paused in the loan payment center, in addition to completing one of the actions listed above. FFCCU cannot process your loan pause for you. Failure to pause automatic payment setup through the Loan Payment Center may result in your payment being taken despite your enrollment in Skip-A-Pay.


Skip-A-Pay is available to qualified members for loan payments due in December 2023 or January 2024. Members must apply to skip a payment no later than 1/27/24. By enrolling in Skip-a-Pay, you agree to the skip payment terms and conditions. There is a $30 processing fee for this service and this fee does not reduce the principal balance of your loan(s). This Skip-a-Pay program will defer your FFCCU loan payment by 30 days and will result in an extension in the original loan term. Interest will continue to accrue at the rate disclosed in your original loan agreement and will result in a larger final payment due. FFCCU will update the due date and repayment schedule accordingly. This is an amendment only, credit insurance premiums (if applicable) and all other terms and conditions of the original loan agreement remain in full force. If you use payroll deduction or automatic payment transfer for your loan payment from an FFCCU account, the funds will remain in your account and will be available for withdrawal. Member is responsible for any payment changes by other financial institutions that make payment to your FFCCU loan. Member must sign up for Skip-a-Pay promotion at least one week prior to the due date of the loan payment to be skipped. The following FFCCU loan types are not eligible for the Skip-a-Pay (SAP) promotion: mortgage loans, home equity loan, HELOC, credit cards, holiday loans, all balloon loans, emergency loans, fresh start payment plans, overdrafts, any loan that previously exercised this option (SAP) within the past 12 months, and any loan that is not in good standing with FFCCU. Loan payments over $1,000 do not qualify. All member’s loans and accounts must be current and in good-standing to qualify.