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6 Money-Spending Habits That You Need to Ditch

Let’s get real; we all sometimes spend money unnecessarily. However, in certain cases, we overlook spending habits that may do more harm than good. Here are 6 common habits you may have gotten into and how to break them: 1. You Follow “Emotional Spending.” Have you succumbed to “emotional spending”? According to clinical psychologist Sheila Forman,… (read more)

9 Easy but Extreme Savings Tips That Could Put Money Back in Your Pocket

Are you a super money saver or someone that spends more freely? No matter your money mindset, you may be searching for ways to keep more hard-earned cash in your bank account. If you have almost thought of every possible way to save, here are some more extreme savings tips for those looking to take… (read more)

How This Rising-Rate/Low Inventory Housing Market Is Right For You

With the housing market on a proverbial roller coaster, it’s hard to know whether to buy a house now or wait until interest rates decline. In a recent study from Fannie Mae, 79% of those who responded stated that it’s a bad time to buy a house. However, it doesn’t all need to be doom and… (read more)

Thank you to Our Veterans

This Veterans Day, FFCCU honors the 19 million veterans that have defended the United States. Veterans Day began as an armistice day in the country to commemorate the end of World War I. After a succession of several wars (World War II and the Korean War), the 83rd congress changed Armistice Day to Veterans Day… (read more)

Is Your Beginner Financial Journey Making You Feel Flustered? Use These Tips to Gain Confidence

Finances impact every aspect of our lives, but it’s not always easy to know how to manage bills, emergencies, groceries, and fun money every month. If the words dividend, compounding, or APY feel like a foreign language; you’re not alone. A FINRA study found a 75% decrease in financial literacy among adults from 2009 to 2021. In… (read more)

Ways to Avoid a Cash Downturn with a Money Market Account

With this crazy economy, it’s more important than ever to stash some emergency cash. Thankfully, there are lots of great options for those looking to save. One fantastic choice is a money market account. What’s a Money Market Account?  Think of a money market account as a combination of a savings and checking account. Remember,… (read more)

Compounding: The Power of Saving Now

You know how important it is to save, but did you know it’s also critical to start saving now? Starting to save today, and not in two days, two weeks or two months can make a huge difference. Nichole Coyle, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, talks about compound interest, its benefits, and why you should start saving… (read more)