Investment Accounts

Let FFCCU take the worry out of investing, with clear answers and smart investment savings account solutions that match your goals.

Whether your savings goals are long-term (hello, retirement!) or more short-term, like saving for a new car or upcoming wedding, FFCCU offers investment savings account solutions that can help you maximize your return, whatever your timeframe.

Put your money to work for you with investment accounts from FFCCU.

Types of Investment Accounts Available at FFCCU​


Certificates are the tried and trusted way to earn interest on your money with minimal risk.

Certificates are a versatile investment choice that can help you save for future expenses with a clear target date, such as college tuition or other big-ticket items. With FFCCU, you can choose from certificates with terms ranging from 3 to 60 months, allowing you to lock in a great rate that works with the timeline for your investing goals. Whether you're saving for a wedding, college, vacation, or something else, our certificates can help you reach your financial objectives. Simply choose the term that works best for you and make your deposit.


Money Market Accounts

Get Full Access to Your Money While Still Earning a Great Return on Your Investment

An FFCCU Money Market account is a valuable benefit that gives you access to your money at any time while still earning a higher potential return on your investments. With four tiers to choose from, you can select the option that best fits your needs. You can make unlimited deposits into your account, and you can withdraw or transfer funds several times a month before you incur a penalty. Start earning higher returns with your investments today with an FFCCU Money Market account.



Save for retirement with no monthly fees!

FFCCU offers a wide range of IRA products to help you reach your retirement goals. With just $50, you can open an account with us – with no monthly fees and reliable monthly dividends. Our IRAs are a great way to invest in your future and minimize your tax liability over a period of time, whether you're just starting to think about retirement or you're ready to start investing in your retirement investments now. So why wait? Start building your retirement plan today with FFCCU's flexible IRA options.



Why Choose An FFCCU Invest Account?

At FFCCU, we’re committed to putting you, our members, first in everything we do. As a community credit union, we offer personalized service and competitive interest rates to help you achieve your financial goals. Our teammates are here to help you explore the various types of savings accounts available at FFCCU and determine which ones align with your needs and risk suitability. Whether you’re looking for long-term savings options or want to take advantage of tax deductions, we have a range of asset allocation options to suit your needs. Plus, as a financial institution with online and mobile banking capabilities, we make it easy for you to manage your finances from anywhere. Let us help you create a financial plan that works for you and take advantage of the attractive benefits of banking with a credit union.

Investments Backed by ASI

Each FFCCU member account is insured up to $250,000 through American Share Insurance (ASI), the nation’s largest provider of private share insurance for credit unions since 1974. This level of protection is often hard to find from a brokerage firm or other investment partner. It also means we back up our advice with protection along the way.

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What types of investment accounts are right for you?

When it comes to investing, gaining clarity on your financial aspirations and devising a comprehensive plan to achieve them is paramount. And that’s where our collaboration with Cetera Advisors Network comes into play. As an FFCCU member, you’ll have the option to work with a financial advisor from Cetera Advisors Network. Cetera advisors are specialists in investment strategies tailored for your future, retirement, and educational needs.

Learn more about our partnership with Cetera here.

Our advisors will assist you in exploring the array of investment options available at FFCCU, all designed to offer exceptional flexibility and the potential for impressive returns while minimizing tax implications. As a credit union, we offer a unique alternative to traditional and private banks, providing you with advantageous borrowing rates and the potential for superior portfolio returns. Moreover, with the convenience of online and mobile banking, managing your investments and monitoring your progress is seamless, wherever you may be.

Get Help From An Expert/Get Guidance

Start saving towards your goals. Tell us what you want to save, and we’ll help calculate how to get there!

Whether you’re saving for college, a wedding or the down payment on a new home, our savings calculator can help you align your goals with a targeted investment plan.


Just the name. You may have heard of a CD, certificate of deposit, or share certificate – it’s called many things, but no matter the name, a certificate is a great tool to have in your financial toolkit. A certificate is a type of savings account that can hold a fixed amount of money for a chosen period of time. Just think of it as an account where the financial institution pays you interest in exchange for the guarantee that you won’t withdraw your cash until a specific amount of time has passed, such as three months, five years, or nearly any term in between.

A certificate offers the benefit of a higher interest rate on your deposits compared to a regular savings account, and it works for saving for short-medium term goals.

Many people don’t know they can use certificates to their advantage by creating a “ladder.” To complete a ladder, look at how much you can invest in certificates. For example, if you have $10,000 to invest, you may put 25% in a 60-month certificate, another 25% in a 36-month certificate, and so on.  Once each certificate matures, you reinvest this money into additional certificates of various lengths, depending on the interest rates in the market at that time.

Suppose the available annual percentage yield (APY) for certificates decreases substantially. In that case, you can take some of the money once the term is up and place it into a savings account, Roth IRA, or any other place of your choosing. You can reinvest that money in a certificate later when rates have risen again.

A certificate ladder is a strategy for saving that allows you to earn significant interest without tying up a large sum of money indefinitely. It gives you more flexibility with your certificates by allowing access to some of your investment money sooner with your shorter-term certificates.

Additionally, if you’re worried about APY fluctuating too much, a ladder can be a great strategy to allow you to take advantage of higher APY rates with your longer certificates. At the same time, you can reinvest your shorter-term certificates if the APY increases or remove the funds if the APY decreases. It’s also safer than other saving strategies because the financial institution insures your certificates.

An investment savings account, also known as a money market account or a high-yield savings account, is a type of financial institution account that typically offers a higher interest rate in exchange for higher minimum deposits or other restrictions, such as withdrawal limits. These accounts can be a good option for people who want to earn a higher return on their money without taking on too much risk.

The best investment accounts depend on your savings goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. For example, a couple in their retirement years may be better off with guaranteed returns from low-risk investments, while a young person with extra cash on hand may benefit from higher-risk investments that have the potential for higher returns over the long term. It’s important to work with a financial advisor to determine the investment strategy that is right for you based on your income level, cash flow, and other factors.

An IRA, or individual retirement account, is a type of investment account that offers tax-deferred or tax-free savings for retirement. IRA contributions may be tax-deductible and have initial investment requirements, but they also come with limits on how much you can contribute and when you can make withdrawals. A brokerage account, on the other hand, is a type of investment account that allows you to buy and sell stocks, securities, and mutual funds more freely. Brokerage accounts are typically taxed on interest, dividends, and capital gains annually, and there are no limits on how much you can contribute.

Yes, there is a difference between saving and investing. Saving refers to setting aside money for the future, while investing involves putting money into different accounts or investment products, such as stocks, certificates, or property, that have the potential to earn interest or dividends.

If you’re just starting out with investing, it’s important to consider your comfort level with risk. Low-risk products, such as high-yield savings accounts, may offer a lower return on your investment but often come with some form of guarantee, while higher-risk products, such as individual stocks or riskier investment firms, may have the potential for higher returns but also come with a higher risk of losing money in the short or long term. As a beginner, it may be a good idea to start with low-risk investments and gradually increase your risk tolerance as you become more comfortable with the investment process. It’s always a good idea to work with a financial advisor to determine the best investment strategy for you based on your income level, cash flow, and other factors.