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Payments, Transfers, and Direct Deposits

It’s Your Money and It’s Your choice. Payments and transfers are easy at FFCCU

We know that people have different ways they prefer to budget. That’s why we offer so many choices when it comes to transferring funds or making payments; here at FFCCU or elsewhere.

Online/Mobile Banking


Desktop Online BankingDesktop Online Banking offers two (2) options:

Transfer: Select the gray “Transfers Tab”, at the top of the screen. You may also add a widget to your  “My Dashboard” to transfer funds from one FFCCU account to another . Transferring funds allows you to move money from one FFCCU account to another and also makes payments to FFCCU Visa Credit Cards and loan(s).

iPay Bill Payer: Select the gray “iPay Bill Payer” tab at the top of the screen. From here you can add payees and make payments to external accounts such as: utility companies, other financial institution – even other people by using the Pay To Person feature. So know you can pay the babysitter or dog walker without having to use cash or a check. Learn more about iPay here.


FFCCU Phone ImageOur FREE APP offers two (2) options:

Transfer: Click “Transfer Money”. Here you’ll select the two FFCCU accounts you’d like to transfer money between which includes FFCCU Visa Credit Cards and loan(s) as options.

iPay Bill Payer: Click “Bill Pay”. Here you can add payees by clicking “Payee List” and make payments to external accounts and to other people. Learn more about iPay here.

ACH Origination (transfer from one account to another automatically)

Have funds automatically transferred from an FFCCU account or an account at another financial institution (external account) either monthly or bi-monthly. Call and talk to one of our teammates at 216.621.4644 or stop in any FFCCU branch and our teammates will happily assist you. Make sure to have account and routing numbers handy.

Auto Pay and Easy Pay

With Auto Pay, you never have to worry about payments being on time. Payments can be directly deposited from a check? Learn more about setting up a Direct Deposit to make your payments.

Easy Pay combines the benefits of Auto Pay with a rate discount on new loans! Find out all the details here.

Pay by Phone: Trans-Act Line

icon_phoneUse our Trans-Act Line to transfer money from an existing FFCCU account to make a payment on your loan by calling 1.866.731.5971 . Follow the prompts to access your account.

Visit any FFCCU Branch

icon_walkingStop in to any of our branch locations to make a payment in person. Our teammates love when you come by to visit!

Direct Deposit & Wire Transfers

Through FFCCU, funds can be transferred or deposited to and from other financial institutions (with these capabilities). Learn more here.


pay via credit card


ECM (Electronic Cash Management)

FFCCU provides its members with the ability to quickly and securely make loan or credit card payments using funds from another institutions checking or savings account. There are two (2) ways to pay with ECM.

  • Online by visiting the Web Payment Center. Please note: paying online through ECM will incur a $10 fee.
  • Use this service over the phone by calling our Member Contact Center at 216.621.4644. One of our teammates will happily assist you. Please note: paying over the phone via ECM will incur a $15 fee.
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