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Trans-Act Line

Call the Trans-Act Line 866.731.5971 to access your account

At FFCCU, we provide many ways to access your account(s), check your balance(s), or make transfers. Besides Online Banking, members can access their accounts by phone using the Trans-Act Line. If you have any questions or need help using this service, please contact us.

How it works:

  • Enter your FFCCU Account Number followed by the #
  • Wait for the prompt, then enter your access code followed by the # (Members receive an access code at account opening. If you need this reset, please contact us).
  • To end the call at any time, press *

Scroll down to view the prompts or click to download for future reference.


1 – Balance Inquiry

1- Open Share List (lists all share accounts)
2- Open Loan List (lists all loan accounts)
3- Share Balance (enter share ID type)
4- Loan Balance (enter loan ID type)
#- Previous Menu


2 – History Inquiry

1- Last Deposit
2- Last Payroll Deposit
3- Share History
4- Loan History
5- Deposit History
6- Recent Transaction Activity
#- Previous Menu


3 – Withdrawals

1- Share Withdrawals by Check
2- Loan Advance by Check
#- Previous Menu


4 – Transfers

1- Share to Share
2- Share to Loan
3- Loan to Share
#- Previous Menu


5 – Checking Information

1- Checking Balance
2- Check Number Inquiry
3- Check History
4- Check Number Range
#- Previous Menu


6 – Loan Information (Requires Loan ID)

1- Loan Balance
2- Open Loan List
3- Loan Payment Inquiry
4- Loan Payment History
5- Payoff Amount
6- Balance on Specific Date (XX/XX/XXXX)
7- Loan Advance Total
8- Credit Card
• 1- Credit Card Payment
#- Previous Menu


7 – Additional Options

1- Year-to-Date Information
1- IRA
2- Dividend
3- Interest
2- Change Preferences – Access Code
3- Change Account (Access Another FFCCU Account)
#- Previous Menu


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