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New and Improved Online Banking

New Online Banking_Welcome Ad A VIP like you deserves a first-class experience.

That’s why we’ve upgraded Online Banking.

With enhanced features such as your own personal  “Dashboard”  that allows YOU to select what information you’d like to see upon logging in, a plethora of e-Alerts to choose from and the ability to access your FFCCU Visa Credit Card information without having to log into another site- we know you’re going to love it!

More exciting new features!

  • Personalized “Dashboard” allows you to select what information is displayed when first logging in.
  • Nickname Accounts. Now your Vacation Club Account can now be called Europe!
  • Open a new Sub Account
  • Activate new ATM/Debit cards
  • Ability to block lost ATM/Debit cards
  • See Visa Credit Card account information  (you only need to log into one place now!)
  • Place a “Stop Payment” on checks
  • Transfer to any FFCCU account
  • Obtain a Loan Payoff Quote
  • Change email, mailing address and/or your Phone Number. (No need for a paper form!)
  • e-Alerts, a great way to stay on top of your account activity that can be sent via email,  text message or both!

Answers to the questions you may have:

Do I need to access Online Banking differently or from somewhere else?

Nope!  Log in as you always have.  Upon your first initial login to the New Online Banking, it will request that you select a watermark image and create a few challenge questions for added security.

Will my username or password change? 

No.  They will remain the same.

However, you will enter that information a bit differently. From the website, after clicking Log In, you will be asked to enter your Username.

Then you will be directed to the New Online Banking Screen to enter your password.

Online Banking_OldLogIn

Log In Screen until September 21st

Online Banking_NewLogIn

Log In Screen from September 22nd on.








After your password is confirmed, upon initial log in, you will be asked to set up the following for added security:

  • Select a security image (icon)
  • Chose and answer 3  challenge questions (for Multi Factor Authentication-MFA)
  • Create a question and answer used when changing your password


Will my iPay/Bill Pay payees transfer over?

Absolutely!  iPay will continue to operate just as it did before.

Not currently enrolled in Online Banking, but would like to be?  

Click here. You’ll be redirected to the main log in screen.  At the top of the page,  click  “Not enrolled? Sign up here” to get started!

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